Capitaine Tom, aka Lady O

Lady O is an Interior Designer by trade; daughter, sister, niece, cousin, and granddaughter by birth; perpetual student by choice; and dancer, photographer, caffeine addict, and yogi by passion. Her sense of adventure has given her opportunities to travel abroad several times and insists she continue expanding her cultural horizons as well as her creative ones.

It was one specific turn of events that opened her eyes to architecture and design from a historical point of view. While in Paris, France she was able to see that despite the age of the buildings themselves, there was no shortage of personal style on behalf of the Parisians. That somehow the line between contemporary, modern, even futuristic materials and furniture, and the ancient shell of each space was seamlessly blurred. She then brought home with her the experience and began incorporating it into her own aesthetic.

No longer does she operate under the assumption that the only good or useful pieces are the newest of new. She now sees the potential in everything, it just has to be uncovered, reinvented, or otherwise awakened. Her educational background in Interior Design and Architectural History has given her the appreciation for our Southwestern narrative, specifically the Ranch Home.


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Designer with a passion for all things cultural, textural, and delicious. View all posts by Lady O

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