Sometimes the simple things make the biggest impact…

First, it has to be said that I was NOT given any money or merchandise to disclose the following statement.

The Contigo AutoSeal travel coffee mug is my hero. Any Urbanite worth her salt enjoys a nice, hot, cup-o-java, and this girl typically enjoys more than one. In fact, I drink coffee – I’m talkin’ the “good stuff” aka fully caffeinated – throughout the day. No wonder I am the shortest in my family! (It’s funny because I’m 5′ 9″ and one of the oldest. Even the rest of the girls are taller than me. I was born into a family of beautiful giants) Either way, all I gotta say is that I can fill this baby up at 10am before I leave for class, and if there’s anything left after 3 back-to-back classes it’s still hot at 4:45 when I head home to brew the study pot. It is totally leakproof (I am serious on this…I’ve dropped it, stuffed it in my backpack, and tipped it over numerous times. It has some hefty battle scars on the lid, but still works beautifully!), and it is by far the best travel coffee mug I have ever owned.

So between working two jobs, going to school full time, and planning a summer extravaganza of travel and study, I needs me some java jive…a cup a cup a cup a cup a cup!


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