J’irai en France!! Déjà Vu!

First, a five week home stay in Paris. I will be living with a French family and possibly a roommate (fellow ASU student). Although class will be taught in English, it is a upper division class so most of us should be pretty comfortable with the language. I look forward to working on my speaking skills so that I might whisper sweet nothings to people that have no idea what I’m saying. Hey, it’s part of the fun of speaking another language!

En suite, two weeks in Reims with mon amie Heather, qui enseigne l’anglais à des lycéens (who teaches english to high school kids). I have to try to conserve as much money as possible, but we might take a jaunt over to London or a quick flight to Barcelona…no big.

Then back to one of my favorite cities: Lyon! for another five week language class. There are very few who speak English fluently in Lyon so it will be a fantastic opportunity for me to flex my all-French-all-the-time muscles. Hopefully I don’t crack…but chances are I’ll end up in tears at least once lol.

Some major perks of the trip:
Meeting up with my friend Joe in Paris and playing translator/tour guide (he’s studying abroad in London for a month. They’re taking a weekend escapade to the City of Light in mid to late June. I will already be in Lyon, but that’s the beauty of Europe: it’s not terribly expensive to pop around from city to city, or even country to country!!)

Spending more than two weeks in France. Hell, spending more than two weeks in any given city!

The food, wine, music, culture, language….all of it.

H&M. I know we have two here, but it’s simply not the same.

No Ryan, I will not fall in Dior…at least not on purpose.

Stay tuned for all the goings on in Boarding Pass for Ma Vie en Rose 🙂

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One response to “J’irai en France!! Déjà Vu!

  • Joe Arroyo

    Is it sad that even I got the Dior reference? Yes, I think it is.

    I’m looking forward to Paris! You have to promise to take me to the non touristy parts though. 🙂

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