Doing our part…

I recently gave a presentation on the upcoming LEEDing Edge Interiors to a group of investors. At the conclusion of the presentation, when asked how I planned to deal with competition in a budding market, my response was this: advocacy.

It is so important during this time…well all times, but these economic times in particular, to connect a community and inform the public. The Green movement is not the wave of the future, it is the wave of right now. If businesses don’t jump on board, they’re going to be left behind as emerging entrepreneurs take the stage with eco-conscious minds and plans.

How can you advocate? Get involved with a group that works for a cause you’re interested in. Volunteer, donate, or fundraise.

Even if we’re on the right path, we’ll be run over if we just sit there. So speak up! Let your voices be heard! Together, we can change our world.


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