Flipping the Switch…

While having coffee with a friend and colleague this past week, we ended up on the topic of architecture. Not very surprising considering he’s an architect and I’m an interior designer, but that day an idea was brought to the table that I hadn’t really thought about. We’re both very into the whole sustainability movement, as well as historic preservation. So between saving what we have already, and building for our future, where do we find the balance? Is 50/50 considered balance? Do we need a balance? How do we decide what to save? When is it ok to lose a building to replace it with a more sustainable one? As someone who is passionate about preserving what history we do have here in the states, I find myself feeling a little bit like a traitor for looking to the future of sustainability. I feel guilty, like I’m turning my back on the historic in favor of the new and shiny. And I’ve been very conflicted about it! Until that conversation…

In the past, architecture has dictated how humans interact with each other. Buildings may have been created for community purposes such as shopping or socializing, but the design of these buildings were a communication tool. There were very clear messages about power, religion, government, etc. in the aesthetic representation. It’s never been about how architecture interacts with people. It’s always been how people interact with architecture. Until now…

Part of sustainability is addressing “how”. How will people use this space? How can we make it the most efficient it can be? How much will it cost? How do we get purpose, and efficiency, and budget to meet in the middle? And is it worth it?

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